10m – 60m Span Width Warehouse Tent

Width: 10m、15m、20m、25m、30m、40m、50m、60m


Main profile: Aluminum alloy F27(6061/T6)

Roof pitch: 18°/20°

Cover: Vinyl fabric textiles, PVC-coated, white, weatherproof, anti-UV radiation, flame retardant B1

Roof: Opaque, weight ≥ 850g/m2

Sidewall: Translucent, weight ≥ 650g/m2

One of the top storage tent suppliers in the industry

We have 23 years of experience in the manufacture of aluminum alloy structure tents, exported to more than 100 countries, high-quality modular design, easy to install, and the size of the tent can be customized.

The storage tents we design and manufacture adopt modular design, standardized manufacturing, and prefabricated installation, which have the advantages of low construction cost, short delivery time, long service life, and small environmental damage. Today, it is the ideal choice for more and more customers with flexible storage needs.

Warehouse customization

KENTEN can design your warehouse tent to almost any size. Our warehouse buildings don’t require any vertical support bars, so they feature open, roomy interiors that provide plenty of room for storage racks.

Aluminum alloy warehouse structure specification

No matter the covering tarpaulin or the side wall material has been made to be water proof, fire retardant, wind withstand, snow load, sun blocking. The aluminum frame can be used for 20+ years. As also, you can add additional design on those industrial structures.

Double layer inflatable thermal roof can be added to maintain temperature.

Custom designed height can be designed to provide entrance for heavy machine.

Industrial doors and air conditioning can be installed to keep your property save.

Warehouse Tent Cases

Warehouse Tent Video


Clear span widthEave heightRidge heightBay SpacingLongest component
Notes: Standard eave height 2.7m, and 2.50m - 3.50m eave height is available upon request.

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