Two story tent is also called double-decker tent.

Two story tent also can create a better viewing space for a special event. Whether in use at golfing, tennis, horse racing, motorsport, or any other type of outdoor events, our innovative and user- friendly Two story tent systems are a sure winner every time.

Two Story Tents

In outdoor events, when the site is limited and can not meet more event space. In order to maximize the use of the site, two story tent is a very good choice. In the same size floor area, you will get double event space.

Whether you are holding large-scale events or international sports events, two story tent is very suitable.

In addition to accommodating more people, it also provides a wider view. You can turn the second floor area into a VIP viewing area or event area. Double-layer tents can also be used in large-scale international exhibitions to achieve more purposes.


Sporting Events
Car Show
Trade Show
VIP Reception
Outdoor Bleacher
Banquet Hall

Our two story tent generally has a clear span of 10-60m and can be extended indefinitely. We provide a variety of modeling options, such as A-shaped roof, arch roof, and cube inflated roof.

Two Story Tents

Glass walls can be installed in the second-story tent to separate different functional areas. The second floor can be used as an outdoor balcony. The interior can be used as a bathroom, restaurant, etc. The interior can also be decorated with air conditioners, carpets, sofas, etc. In order to create a better on-site atmosphere, you can also use digital inkjet painting on PVC to customize the brand pattern or text on the cover to achieve outdoor publicity effects. As an event tent manufacturer, we have always been committed to providing high quality two-layer tent tents at the best prices.

Two Story Tent Video

Two Story Tent Video

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