Temporary Tent Buildings
Temporary tent buildings have become an increasingly popular solution for a range of situations where temporary […]
20 x 20m Exhibition Tent
KENTEN exhibition tents are suitable for corporate events, exhibitions, trade shows, expositions, trade fairs, various outdoor […]
Event tents
Event tent is a kind of temporary building, which is used for various activities and places. […]
Transparent aluminum alloy tent
The transparent tent adopts a European-style fashion appearance, bringing a more stylish atmosphere with a minimalist […]
Basketball court canopy
A brand-new basketball court design, which can be reasonably planned according to the size of the […]
banquet tent
In order to meet the needs of larger outdoor banquet space. Our banquet tent adopts a […]
Arc tent
A-type tent A-type tents can meet the needs of various activities. Super large net span: 10m […]
air film flat top tent
Features of air film flat top tent The air-film flat-top tent is designed to be sturdy […]
Large-scale exhibition tents can be used for some exhibition tents, such as clothing exhibition tents and […]
structure tent
Application of event tents: including event registration area, security check area, VIP reception room, prize collection […]

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