Exhibition tent product introduction

As one of the top tent manufacturers, we offer quality custom tents at affordable prices. We provide large outdoor exhibition tents.

Our exhibition tent have a net span of 10m to 60m. Due to its variety of specifications and shapes, it can be conveniently held for various trade shows and exhibitions.

The exhibition tent can make up for the shortcomings of traditional buildings such as limited space, high cost, and single exhibition form.

For example: Canton Fair, Auto Show, Oktoberfest, these are our successful cases.

exhibition tents can be applied to various types of exhibitions, whether short-term or long-term.

These exhibition tents are made of aluminum frame and PVC cover, which are UV-resistant, windproof, flame-retardant and so on. Modular and flexible design, easy to transport and install.

Many people prefer to exhibit in tents rather than in concrete showroom buildings, because tents are more economical, environmentally friendly, and innovative.


Exhibition Tents Video

KENTEN structure tent are suitable for exhibitions, parties, storage and other purposes.

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