The three-story tent is a development on the basis of the double-story tent, and it is an innovative breakthrough in aluminum alloy prefabricated buildings. The three-story tent has several advantages, such as 300% space utilization, small land occupation, and large capacity. The three-story tent integrates more activities at the same time and place, reflecting the true essence of luxury. The three-story tent is spacious inside, 300% of the space is used, and there are many shapes to choose from, which can provide a large area of activity space. The three-layer aluminum alloy canopy can maximize the use of space on the site.

three storey tent – structure tent
three storey tent – structure tent
three storey tent – structure tent

The three-layer canopy structure has high safety. The frame of the three-story tent is made of steel and aluminum, and its toughness, extrusion resistance, strength, tension, and tensile strength meet national and industry standards. Aluminum alloy tent bracket: t6082 high-strength aluminum alloy or custom-made aluminum alloy is oxidized, bright and beautiful in color, rust-proof, high-density, high-strength, and high-toughness. The general use time can be as long as more than 15 years. The tent is stable and strong, and can resist strong winds. The drainage function is complete to ensure that the inside of the tent is not affected by the storm.


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