Whether it is basketball, football,tennis or badminton, the construction period of traditional stadium buildings is long and the cost is high. Nowadays, most of the new stadiums are built with prefabricated temporary buildings. The tent not only has a fast construction period, but also has low cost, and can be put into use quickly in a short period of time. Therefore, tents are currently one of the very popular sports venue products.

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For badminton venues, in addition to basic wind, rain, and sun protection, there must be no other obstacles within 9 meters of the air. The side height of the tent can be 6m-10m, and the top height can be 9-14m. The use of tents to build badminton courts can meet such needs, and can also be customized. The construction is very simple, and there is no construction pollution to the surrounding environment.

The badminton hall tent also provides different structure options, such as herringbone roof, arc roof, electric openable roof, inflatable membrane structure, etc., which are very suitable for badminton courts and meet various needs. In addition, you can also install professional sports wooden floors, rubber floors, lighting, air conditioning and other facilities indoors to create a professional badminton venue.


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