The detailed specifications of the 15-meter-span curved canopy: the side height is 4 meters, the top height is 8 meters, the span is 15 meters, and the length is increased by 5 meters, which fully meets the needs of the event venue. The curved tent has a beautiful appearance, especially with floating eaves, which is more suitable for large-scale exhibitions and gatherings.

Curved Tent

The curved frame is made of high-quality T6061 high-strength aluminum alloy or customized aluminum alloy after oxidation treatment, bright and beautiful in color, rust-proof, high-density, high-strength, and high-toughness. The normal use time can be as long as more than 20 years. The steel parts are processed by hot-dip galvanizing process and comply with the steel structure design specification GB50017-2003.

The roof is made of double-layer waterproof PVC tarpaulin, which can be used for up to 5 years under normal environmental conditions, and we can also print colors and brand logos on the tarpaulin, and provide air conditioning systems, lighting systems, floor systems, lighting The system and other supporting facilities in the canopy can meet the different requirements of users!

Tent wall: In addition to PVC cloth around the tent, you can also choose glass curtain wall, ABS hard edge wall, sandwich panel wall, color steel plate wall, honeycomb cardboard, rock wool board, etc., and many environmentally friendly materials are available. Customers choose.

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