The structure of the 15mX10m (50ftX33ft) curved tent adopts unit combined design, and the length can be increased or decreased by 3 meters or 5 meters. The bracket material is made of high-strength oxidized aluminum alloy (material 6061/T6), and the tarpaulin is made of flame retardant Double-sided PVC synthetic fiber cloth, flame retardant standard in line with European DIN4102 B1, M2 standards.

There are a variety of optional configurations for the curved tent, and its functions and uses are more powerful. For example: side wall cloth with transparent PVC window, ground anchor, column bearing plate, ceiling interior, glass curtain wall, glass door, ABS hard wall, fully transparent tarpaulin and side wall cloth, floor system, drainage channel.

15mX10m (50ftX33ft) arc tent is a unique tent shape, it is based on the herringbone tent, rationally uses the design elements of traditional Chinese architecture, and the arc of the roof beam is pre-bent. shape effect. The design of the arc-top tent is sturdy and durable, with a wind resistance of 100 km/h (wind load of 0.5 kN/square meter), quick and convenient disassembly and assembly, and small storage and transportation volume.

15mX10m (50ftX33ft) curved tent features: beautiful appearance, graceful arc roof lines, larger internal space, using curved tents as large-scale events and temporary exhibition halls has a sense of the times.


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