The shape of the arc-top tent is unique, and the inclined beams and columns of the roof are bent to achieve an arc-shaped effect. The innovation in the structure of the arc top makes the appearance of the tent more beautiful, and further improves the wind resistance. After testing, the maximum wind load of the arc top tent is greater than 100km/h, and the tent can be customized with various spans and lengths of arcs according to the requirements of the room. tent room.

Arc top tent span: 10m 15m 20m 25m 30m 35m 40m 45m 50m 55m 60m 65m 70m 80m.

The arc top tent bracket is made of aluminum alloy F27 (6005/T6) or other customized aluminum alloys. Strong welding performance: The fabric after welding can withstand a lot of tension, even in harsh environments such as hurricanes and frequent operations, it will not affect the sealing degree of the weld.

Tarpaulin: It has good light transmission performance and can be used alone; the surface of the tarpaulin has been treated with special varnish, and has good surface self-cleaning performance. The tarpaulin is 650g/㎡ or 850g/㎡, PVC synthetic fiber cloth, usually white, and a variety of colors can be customized.

Tent wall: In addition to PVC cloth around the tent, glass curtain wall, ABS hard side wall, sandwich panel wall, color steel plate wall can also be selected.

Door: glass double door, glass single door, glass sliding door, rolling door, etc.

A variety of supporting equipment can be selected inside the arc-top tent: roof curtain, enclosure, lighting fixtures, floors, carpets, air conditioners: 5P, 10p cabinet air conditioners, ceiling air conditioners, duct-type central air conditioners, audio categories: combined Audio etc.

Fire safety standards for arc top tents: Fire protection standards: Chinese B1, French standard M2, German B1/DIN75200, American standard NFP92503.

The curved top tent adopts a modular unit combination structure, which can be adjusted according to needs and is easy to operate. It can be used for up to 20 years or more. We set up and disassemble quickly and easily, and the maintenance and supporting costs are lower.

Arc top tents are widely used in: music festivals, auto shows, dinner parties.

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