The 20-meter (66ft) multi-arch tent adopts a unit combination structure, with a ceiling height of 11 meters (36ft) to 16 meters (52ft), and can be adjusted according to needs, which has the advantage of quick construction and disassembly. The frame material of the 20-meter (66ft) multi-arch tent manufactured by Tent Factory. The use of expansion screws, steel brazing and professional load-bearing system is used to ensure that the tent can be built and used safely and stably. It is suitable for various outdoor ring mirrors. And flexibly customize a variety of colors according to the characteristics of the site, including personalized customization schemes such as company brand logos.

Multi-arch tent
Multi-arch tent

The arched frame structure has passed the mechanical structure checking calculation of professional institutions, and has passed the testing and certification of many foreign and international institutions. The material is high-strength aluminum alloy 6061-T6. The service life is up to 20 years.

The arched canopy is made of imported transparent pvc plus shading tarpaulin. The tarpaulin is sewn by a high-tech automatic cutting machine and a high-frequency welding machine, and is equipped with a rain gutter to ensure that there will be no rain in the tent. The tarpaulin specifications are 600g/square meter, 800g/square meter, and 1000g/square meter. All the above tarpaulins have passed the authoritative fire safety certification of various countries. The shading tarpaulin adopts high-density coating, sun protection and anti-oxidation, strong shade and heat insulation, high density, good ductility, high tearing force, strong flexibility, and excellent peel strength.

The walls around the tent are made of PVC tarpaulin, ABS hard wall, glass wall and so on. The surrounding walls can be closed, and can be opened at will, easy to install and disassemble, free to choose the site, and can be built in different environments. Users can choose different side walls according to the theme and preferences of their activities, so as to make their activities more impressive. The arched tent is equipped with complete facilities such as lighting, carpet, air conditioning, ventilation, curtain decoration, etc., so that the simple outdoor space will immediately take on a new look, beautiful and practical.

The floor system inside the tent is suitable for various outdoor terrain conditions

KENTEN Tent Chinese production plant can manufacture export standard multi-vaulted tents. There are no beams and columns inside the multi-vaulted tent, and the usable space is larger. It is equipped with a central air-conditioning and ventilation system to achieve effective air flow and constant temperature. The air in the room is fresh. The multi-arch tent is very popular with customers and has won unanimous praise. Widely used in various brand outdoor promotion activities.


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