double-layer tent: the shape is divided into rectangle, square, polygon and arc; the span is 10 meters, 20 meters (66ft), 30 meters (98ft), 40 meters (131ft), 50 meters (164ft) and 60 meters (197ft); the side height is 6 meters (20ft), 7 meters (23ft) and 8 meters (26ft); the length depends on the activity On-site use needs to be extended. The double-layer canopy has several advantages, such as 200% space utilization, small land coverage, and large capacity. The double-layer tent integrates more activities at the same time and place, reflecting the true essence of luxury, and is especially suitable for high-end activities such as vip stands for sports events, equestrian activities, and racing.

Double Deck Tent
double-layer tent

The double-layer tent wall is manufactured according to the German tent technology standard, easy to install, move and store, and can resist strong wind and snowfall through the reinforced structure, the maximum wind load is 120km/h, snow weight: 75kg/sqm, temperature condition: -30 degrees Celsius + 70 degrees Celsius, and equipped with central ventilation and air conditioning system.

Before the design and production of the two-story tent, the mechanical structure of the professional organization has been checked, and it has passed the inspection and certification of many foreign international organizations. The bracket is made of extremely hard galvanized iron pipe or custom-made aluminum alloy. The bracket is thicker and thicker, durable and rust-resistant, and has strong wind resistance. The steel and aluminum frame material can be used outdoors for 20 years.

Aluminum alloy frame material: Magnesium-aluminum 6082 is the main alloy of the 6-series alloy. It is a high-quality aluminum alloy product that has been heat-treated and pre-stretched; No deformation, easy color film, excellent oxidation effect and other excellent characteristics.

The double-layer tent adopts a modular structure, which can be flexibly disassembled and expanded, easy to disassemble, and has a small storage size. It can be used for many temporary events as well as in large tent series, and it is also a good choice as a permanent structure. Through reinforced aluminum roof beams and a complete roof tensioning system, the wind load capacity can reach 100km/h.

The tarpaulin can choose PVC synthetic fiber cloth, shading and transparent tarpaulin, the specification is 650g/㎡ or 850g/㎡ or 1000g/㎡. KENTEN tent can flexibly customize a variety of colors according to the style of the event and the characteristics of the venue, including personalized brand logo And other customized programs. Supporting the use of professional waterproof and fireproof tarpaulins, air conditioning systems, lighting systems, floor systems, lighting systems, ceiling interiors, glass side walls, make the functions and uses of double-layer tents more prominent.

KENTEN double-layer tent fire protection system: equipped with dry powder fire extinguisher inside the tent, confirm the location of the fire outlet, and equipped with high-pressure nozzles. At the same time, it is considered that other facilities inside the tent are equipped with fire hydrant systems and fire extinguisher systems. The water, electricity and fire protection engineering is to arrange the fire hydrant system in the tent area, and add smoke masks to ensure the health and safety of the staff and evacuated personnel.

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