The design, manufacture and installation of large tents must ensure the safety of the structure. The functional design of the tent should meet national and industry standards, and the design documents should include design drawings, stability checks, safe operation, implementation and use instructions, and relevant documents on combustion characteristics, and the design documents should be evaluated and inspected by relevant institutions.

The shapes of large tents are square, rectangular, multi-arched, spherical, polygonal, and the structure is single-layer structure and double-layer structure.

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Large structure tent – 25×60 meters detailed specifications: span 25 meters, side height 4 meters, length 60 meters. All aluminum alloys are inspection-free products produced by the top ten manufacturers of aluminum alloy profiles in the country. The material is 6005-T6 or other custom-made special aluminum alloys. After oxidation treatment, the color is bright and beautiful, rust-proof, high-density, high-strength, and high-toughness .

Wind load of large tents: The value of wind load meets the requirements of the local “Building Structure Load Code” and the requirements of site design wind load, and relevant audited design documents must be provided. Even in harsh environments such as hurricanes and typhoons, it will not affect the sealing degree of the tent. The maximum wind resistance of the tent is 100km/h, which meets the needs of various outdoor scenes.

Fire safety of large tents: After strict fire safety tests, it has passed the certification of authoritative organizations: China B1, French standard M2, German DIN4102, American standard NFP92503.

Supporting facilities in the tent: roof curtain, curtain, lighting fixtures, floor, carpet, air conditioner: 5P cabinet air conditioner, ceiling air conditioner, duct type central air conditioner, audio category: combined audio, etc. Tent wall: In addition to PVC cloth around the tent, glass curtain wall, ABS hard side wall, sandwich panel wall, color steel plate wall can also be selected. Doors: glass double doors, glass single doors, glass sliding doors, rolling doors, etc. Tents should also consider related waterproof and drainage measures.

Jianting large-scale tent applications: 2005 China Import and Export Fair, 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, tents at the winter jasmine flower market in central Guangzhou, and passenger waiting tents for the Ministry of Railways during the Spring Festival.

Large-scale tent construction: Jianting large-scale tent project will be constructed in strict accordance with the relevant requirements of the drawings and the following standards “Code for Quality Acceptance of Intelligent Building Engineering” GB50339-2003, “Code for Construction and Acceptance of Electrical Installation Engineering” GB50254~50259-96. The construction of large tents must be based on evidence to ensure the quality of construction.

Tent manufacturer Jianting produces large tents of various specifications and shapes, and provides large tent rental services. The production of all links is carried out in strict accordance with the ISO9001:2015 quality management system. All large tents leave the factory after passing strict quality inspection and trial assembly to meet the standards, ensuring the safety of the tent and the feasibility of disassembly and assembly.

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