The advantage of the storage industrial tent lies in its modular design, which can create different functional areas through different combinations to meet the different needs of users and realize green storage.

  1. Exclusive tents to meet individual needs The shape of storage industrial tents is variable, and can be customized according to the existing site, and a storage tent size suitable for enterprises can be designed with an aluminum alloy structure frame.
  2. Rapid construction. A tent of about 1,000 square meters can be built in one day. The most important thing is that the modular structure of the storage industrial tent can be easily dismantled, remodeled and moved, which greatly reduces the cost caused by later expansion and relocation. question.
  3. Wide range of applications and high flexibility In addition to factory tents, storage industrial tents can also solve storage problems in airports, ports, agriculture, logistics, construction projects, etc., effectively replacing permanent buildings.
  4. Safe and secure, solve temporary storage problems In terms of safety performance, it is an important assessment standard for each tent. The aluminum alloy structure frame used in semi-permanent aluminum alloy storage industrial tents can last for about 20 years, with anti-UV, Mildew-proof, waterproof, anti-snow load and other advantages, higher safety performance, realize integrated new storage space, and meet the needs of enterprise warehouses.
  5. The configuration is complete, and the intelligent system is more convenient. In terms of details, the storage industrial tent is equipped with rolling shutters, single-opening work doors, anti-collision bars, hard drainage grooves, etc. In addition, it is also equipped with ventilation windows, drainage pipes, and lights. , air conditioners, exhaust fans, fire extinguishers, fire hydrants, cameras and other equipment.
Storage Tent
Storage Tent

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