A brand-new basketball court design, which can be reasonably planned according to the size of the existing outdoor basketball court, and cover is added to the basketball court, so that the outdoor basketball court can be customized and designed as an indoor basketball court. Allowing you to exercise freely in any weather conditions, the basketball court is open 24 hours a day, no fear of wind, rain, exposure to the sun, and adapts to the changing seasons.

Basketball court canopy
Basketball court canopy

The design of the basketball court canopy has many unique features. For example, you can customize the material of the doors and windows, choose PVC, glass or sandwich panels, and the exterior and interior of the wall can be spray-painted. Our basketball court canopy is also equipped with ventilation system and air conditioning system to create a comfortable indoor environment.

The design of our basketball court canopy has enough space for sports. The 6-meter-high design makes the indoor space very spacious, and the transparent glass walls on both sides are also more transparent. This brand-new basketball court canopy design will definitely meet your needs and bring you a more comfortable, convenient and enjoyable sports experience.


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