Large-scale exhibition tents can be used for some exhibition tents, such as clothing exhibition tents and agricultural fair tents, which are all large-scale exhibition tents.

large exhibition tent
large exhibition tent

Large tents can meet the needs of various activities. Span: 10m-60m, modular structure, short construction period, easy to assemble and disassemble. A full range of accessories, tarpaulin tensioning systems are available. Design applications range from beer tents to trade fair and exhibition tents to sports complexes. In terms of supporting facilities, you can choose PVC tarpaulins, floors, glass wall components, modular walls and solid wood doors, etc. If required, it can be equipped with a large number of comprehensive accessories, including complete decoration, lighting and air conditioning systems, personalized accessories such as transparent canopies and gables. The large tent is elegant in appearance, flexible in construction, safe and environmentally friendly, rainproof, sunscreen, mildew-proof, flame-retardant, and can resist 8-10 strong winds. It is suitable for all kinds of outdoor temporary activities. It is very suitable as a temporary or prefabricated building. Good choice.


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