Generally speaking, large auto show tents are also used when auto shows are held outdoors. With the development of the industry and technological progress, there are many types of tents to choose from. Below are some suitable ones.

car show tents
car show tents

For example, the demand for tents in large-scale auto shows is often a large area of space. In fact, this type of auto show tents are more used as outdoor supplementary venues. Therefore, for this situation, it is recommended that you can also choose herringbone with large clear span space. The top tent is more suitable, because the interior of the herringbone top tent is spacious and there are many specifications to choose from, so it can provide a large area of exhibition space, and its effect is no worse than that of the indoor exhibition hall. In addition, compared with large-scale auto exhibitions, what needs to be selected is that the demand for tents in auto tours is quite different. At this time, in fact, auto tours are often exhibitions for individual car brands as product promotion.

Small and medium-sized tents with modular structure are very suitable for the small demand for exhibition area. Of course, it is also recommended that you create an exclusive auto show tent related to the event according to your own brand and product characteristics.


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