As an important outdoor carrier, the steeple tent has attracted everyone’s attention in terms of beauty and safety.

Spire tents have brought many benefits to various industries when they are in use. Of course, maintenance is also indispensable when using it. So, how should we maintain the peaked tent? Nowadays, the materials of conventional wedding tents on the market are mainly aluminum alloy profiles. In fact, we must understand that in order to ensure the product quality of the aluminum alloy frame, we need to do maintenance work from the following points.
When building a steeple tent outdoors for the first time, it is necessary to avoid affecting the use effect due to improper installation. Therefore, it is recommended that you need to be very familiar with the support method of the tent before building and installing it; in addition, it is also necessary to pay attention to the pointed tent during maintenance to prevent it from being impacted. Because the aluminum alloy material is guaranteed to be safe, it is natural to ensure its aesthetics when it is used. If it is accidentally hit by gravity during construction, it is easy to scratch the surface of the frame profile.

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The steeple tent also requires everyone to do a good job of insulation. During use, we must pay attention to the insulation of electrical appliances to avoid contact between wires and iron parts. If these places are not paid attention to, there may be dangers such as electric shock; in addition, There are some more important places. After the peaked tent is used, the surface of the tent should be cleaned and dried. Only after the surface of the tarpaulin is clean and dry can the tarpaulin be stacked and stored in the warehouse, otherwise mildew may occur.

During use, it is necessary to regularly check whether the surface galvanized layer of each part of the household is damaged, and it is also necessary to check whether the steel parts of the steeple tent are rusted and corroded, and whether the tarpaulin is damaged or dirty. If there is any, it should be timely deal with.


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