It is every girl’s dream to hold a romantic and memorable wedding, especially an outdoor wedding. Now many young couples are gradually abandoning hotel weddings and choosing outdoor wedding tents for weddings. What’s so good about tent weddings? Why is the outdoor wedding tent usage rate so high? Next, let’s show you the charm of wedding tents:

wedding tent
wedding tent
  1. The style can be customized, and the choice is more free

Traditionally, weddings are usually held in hotels, and the interior decoration is provided by the hotel. Site layout and decoration also have certain limitations. Compared with outdoor wedding tents, outdoor wedding tents are more selective. Whether it is scale, style or supporting facilities, it is no less than a hotel wedding.

Herringbone tents, European-style pointed tents, transparent wedding tents, etc. All are suitable for wedding ceremonies, and other styles such as Chinese style, European style, rural style, romantic style can also be customized. The dimension span can be from 3-50m, and the length can be infinitely extended in multiples of 3 or 5m, no matter how big the wedding tent is. The choice of venue and the arrangement of the wedding are also quite free. The outdoor wedding tent is not limited by the terrain. You can choose the romantic seaside beach or the comfortable and natural grassland to hold the wedding, and arrange the wedding at will according to the surrounding environment and your own ideas.

  1. Romantic and beautiful

Although hotel weddings can also be very romantic, they are still a bit worse than outdoor wedding tents. The wedding tent can move a couple’s wedding outdoors, truly integrate the wedding with nature, and realize the romantic outdoor wedding dreams of many girls for many years. We can imagine how warm, romantic and unforgettable it is when we get married outdoors surrounded by beautiful scenery. Even after many years, this beautiful scene can still be remembered, and at the same time, the guests can still enjoy a unique wedding banquet.

  1. Economical and practical, low cost

We all know that it takes a long time and a lot of money to get married at a hotel. However, the cost of outdoor weddings is much lower than that of hotels, and it is difficult to encounter reservation problems.


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