The storage tent is a product that integrates lighting, fire protection, drainage, electricity, ventilation, access control, and lightning protection. Moreover, they all adopt multi-layer new storage space, and the warehouse can be moved quickly, making storage more economical and worry-free. The storage tent is a temporary building, and almost no approval is required for construction. This saves time and cost very well, and quickly realizes warehouse expansion. According to our understanding, we have also seen that the storage tent generally uses aluminum alloy profiles as the main frame, which makes it very safe and stable when used, can be quickly built and put into use, and the construction is not restricted by the site, which greatly saves time and cost. . Moreover, in some cases, some enterprises may face the problem of changes in storage buildings brought about by expansion and relocation. Therefore, in this case, the storage will undoubtedly face more changes, but the storage tent, as a movable building, can move with the movement of the factory site.

Storage tents
Storage tents

It can also be seen from these aspects that storage tents have many advantages. Of course, this link can be saved for the enterprise. In terms of construction speed, it does not need to take a long time like traditional warehouses. When in use, it can still provide a span range of 10-60 meters, which can meet the storage needs of various enterprises, so it is really effective. To maintain warehouse goods, the construction cost is undoubtedly very economical compared to traditional concrete buildings. We can also supply complete supporting facilities, such as hard walls such as ABS and sandwich panels, as well as related accessories such as air conditioners, floors, ventilation systems, refrigeration, etc., so that we can better serve the storage needs of more different industries. Storage tents can not only be reused, but also set up very quickly, giving enterprises great flexibility. A warehouse of about 1,000 square meters can be built in one day.


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