Large warehouse tent is a temporary or semi-permanent building structure that can meet industrial and storage purposes. At present, many enterprises do not understand the functions and characteristics of warehouse tents, and can only use permanent storage facilities. Permanent storage facilities generally take 14 months to complete, and the dismantling of them requires a lot of effort, and at the same time, a lot of construction waste is generated, which is likely to cause environmental pollution. What about the construction time of the warehouse tent?

Warehouse tent
Warehouse tent

Generally speaking, it takes 3-5 days or less to complete the construction of warehouse tents, depending on the needs of customers. The large warehouse tent adopts the system standard unit combination method, which is easy to install, and can also expand the area at any time to meet the storage needs. It is characterized by fast construction time, and can be dismantled or replaced at any time. It is very suitable for industrial storage space in short and medium term. enterprises. At the same time, the warehouse tent can be used for a long time, easy to clean and repair, and the maintenance cost is low, which can save the storage cost of the enterprise and increase the profit.


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