In the eyes of many people, modern simple weddings are very common. Nowadays, people hope to hold a natural and fresh outdoor wedding on the crisp grass in the wedding tent designed by themselves. The wedding mode tends to be personalized and customized .

wedding tent
wedding tent

In fact, there is no uniform price for wedding tents, because each outdoor wedding has different needs for wedding tents, and their prices will also vary! Generally speaking, the type, specification, material and supporting services of the tent are the main factors affecting the price of the wedding tent. Different types of wedding tents reflect different wedding styles and effects, such as lawn weddings, garden weddings, snow weddings, and beach weddings. Therefore, when purchasing a wedding tent, buyers should consider all aspects and needs, customize or choose a suitable and affordable wedding tent.

How much is the wedding tent? The price of regular wedding tents provided by KENTEN tents is about 30 US dollars per square meter. Flowers, tables and chairs, lights, curtains, floors, air conditioners, etc. are optional, so that you and your wedding guests can feel a comfortable wedding banquet Experience and enjoy high-quality service at an affordable price!

we can customize your own wedding tent for you. The wedding tent can be designed freely and can be combined at will. No matter the size and height of the terrain, or the tents in the pastoral, sandy or seaside can be customized for you.

we will present you with a high-quality romantic wedding experience, and there are countless new styles of wedding tents to choose from, creating a unique outdoor wedding for you!


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