Structure Tent is a new type of temporary building for outdoor activities, with its fast installation, mobility, temporary, large span, natural lighting, long life, beautiful appearance and other excellent performance, which can be easily disassembled and transported quickly. , easy to store, and meet your various requirements for the building.

structure tents

Compared with traditional buildings, tents can better reflect its advantages in form and materials. It not only makes people work outdoors like indoors, but also feels close to nature. Moreover, no lighting during the day can meet the needs of indoor lighting, which is environmentally friendly and saves operating costs. Moreover, the tent can be reused and can be widely used in various activities, such as: industrial warehousing, logistics distribution, various outdoor exhibitions, sports events, tourism and leisure, business parties, celebrations, business promotion, military applications and disaster relief and other temporary activities.

Features of the tent

Large span: Provides a practical space with an unobstructed internal space.
Thermal insulation: Double-layer insulating material is used to achieve thermal insulation and heat insulation effects.
Low Requirements: Low foundation requirements are achieved without the need for expensive concrete foundations.
Beautiful and economical: the structure is sturdy and durable, the architectural appearance is novel and beautiful, the quality is high and the price is reasonable, and the economic benefits are obvious.
Flexibility: Can be resold, relocated and expanded, with good long-term investment value.


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