Can the exhibition tent be customized? In order to meet the special requirements of more customers, non-standard tents can be customized for tent products. The side height of the conventional tent is 4m, but when used for some exhibition activities, the height is obviously not enough. The side height of the exhibition tent can be processed according to customer requirements, and can be customized to a higher side height.

Customized exhibition tent

Let’s talk about the side wall of the exhibition tent. The conventional glass side wall is all glass on the whole side. However, the side wall of the tent can be the same as the house, half of the side wall is closed, and the other half is made of glass that opens outwards. The window can be closed or opened at any time. This humanized design not only makes the appearance more beautiful, but also enhances the air permeability and ventilation performance of the exhibition tent a lot!

The shape of the tent can also be changed in different ways, which can be curved tents, pointed tents, curved column tents, polygonal tents (hexagonal, octagonal, decagonal, dodecagonal) Both can be used with combined tents!

Let the exhibition tent be more special in the event, different tents, interpret different splendor!


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